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1. The Mishnah discusses the concept of "Ibur" with regard to measuring the borders of a city.
2. There is a dispute about the source and spelling of the word "Me'abrin" used by the Mishnah.
3. The Gemara lists many other places where Rav and Shmuel argue about the definition of a word.
4. Rebbi Yochanan discusses his experience of being with Rebbi Oshiya and his students.
5. The Gemara contrasts the Torah learning of Shaul ha'Melech and that of David ha'Melech.


1. The concept of "Ibur" means that when some houses jut out beyond the straight line of the city's border, we measure the border as a straight line from the protrusions, as if there were houses jutting out all along that side.
2. One opinion is that it is based on the word "Ever" ("limb"), meaning that there are "limbs" added to the boundary (and therefore the word should spelled with an Alef). The other opinion is that the word is related to "Me'uberes" ("a pregnant woman"), whose stomach protrudes due to the pregnancy (and therefore the word should be spelled with an Ayin).
3. For example, they argue about whether the new king that arose in Egypt was a new king or he merely made new decrees.
4. The relevance to the Mishnah is that Rebbi Oshiya (or his students) taught that the Mishnah should read "Me'abrin" with an Alef.
5. The Gemara says that David ha'Melech was able to delve deeply into a topic and achieve a thoroughly correct explanation of the law, whereas Shaul ha'Melech did not always arrive at the correct conclusion.

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