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1. Rabah bar Rav Chanan understands that even a rich man may make an Eruv Techumin from the comfort of his house, without having to go to his designated place of Shabbos residence.
2. The Gemara discusses the case of a person who set out to make an Eruv for his entire city, but returned soon afterwards.
3. The Mishnah discusses the case of a person who intentionally left his Techum on Shabbos (not in order to perform a Mitzvah).
4. The Gemara discusses the case of a person who has one foot outside the Techum and one foot inside the Techum.
5. The Mishnah discusses the case of a traveler who was one Amah outside the Techum when Shabbos arrived.


1. Abaye questioned his reasoning because we rule according to Rav Nachman, as is apparent from a Beraisa, unlike Rav Chisda (see 51, #5).
2. After he had already left the city to make the Eruv, another person convinced him not to make the Eruv. Rebbi Yehudah says that while the people of the city have no Eruv, he is considered to have an Eruv since he could have reached the place of the Eruv before Shabbos. Rebbi Meir says that his status with regard to the Eruv is in doubt.
3. Tana Kama: He may not reenter. Rebbi Shimon: He may reenter if he is within two Amos of the Techum.
4. There is an argument about whether Rebbi Chanina states that he may or may not reenter the Techum. Acherim say that he may reenter if most of his body is positioned inside the Techum.
5. Tana Kama: He may not enter even one Amah into the city, since he is more than 2,000 Amos away from the city. Rebbi Shimon: Even if he is fifteen Amos outside the Techum he may enter the city, since the people who measure the Techum mark that it ends before it actually ends (and therefore he in fact is inside the Techum). (See Tosfos Yom Tov, who says that this is the most accurate explanation of the Mishnah.)

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