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ERUVIN 41 - Sponsored by Lee and Marsha Weinblatt, of Teaneck, New Jersey. May Hashem grant them much Nachas from their latest grandchildren - Eliezer Yehudah, born to their son Rav Chaim (Kenny) Weinblatt, and the twins that were born to their daughter Tal. Mazel Tov!


1. No Se'udah ha'Mafsekes is eaten on Shabbos.
2. If Tish'ah b'Av falls on Friday, there is a dispute about whether one finishes the fast.
3. A family that brought the Korban Etzim on the tenth of Av that fell on a Sunday did not fast the whole day.
4. The Mishnah says that if someone was forced out of the Techum by Nochrim, he may walk only four Amos.
5. Three things make a person become insane and rebel against Hashem.


1. Before the onset of Tish'ah b'Av, one normally eats the Se'udah ha'Mafsekes. However, if Tish'ah b'Av falls on either Shabbos or Sunday, one may eat anything he wants at the last meal of Shabbos.
2. Rebbi Akiva: One should eat something small, such as an egg, before Shabbos, so that he does not enter Shabbos while fasting. Rebbi Yosi: He is not allowed to eat anything at all on Friday.
3. This was the testimony of Rebbi Tzadok. He said that when his family brought their gift of wood to the Beis ha'Mikdash (based on the schedule of certain families that brought wood to be used for burning the Korbanos on the Mizbe'ach; see Ta'anis 12a) on the tenth of Av that fell on a Sunday, they did not finish the fast (that had been pushed off from Shabbos).
4. However, if he was forced back into his Techum, he is considered as though he never left (and he has the same Techum that he had at the beginning of Shabbos).
5. They are: idolatry, being taken over by demons, and extreme poverty.

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