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1. Rav Huna discusses the case of a Lechi that was an extension (lengthwise) of the wall of a Mavoy. It was visible only to the people outside the Mavoy.
2. Rav Yosef derived three laws from Rav Huna's ruling (#1).
3. Levi quotes a Beraisa which describes a simple way to reduce the size of an entranceway, but he does not rule accordingly.
4. Levi explains how one should reduce such an entranceway (#3).
5. The Gemara discusses a situation in which the area beneath a portable toilet seat is considered an Ohel with regard to the laws of Tum'ah.


1. If the Lechi extends less than four Amos beyond the wall, it permits carrying in the Mavoy up to the beginning of the Lechi. If it extends more than four Amos, it is not considered a Lechi but rather part of the wall of the Mavoy. Consequently, in effect, no Lechi there permits carrying.
2. Those three laws are: One may carry in the Mavoy only up to the beginning of the Lechi; the minimum size of a Mavoy is four Amos; the Lechi permits carrying even when it is visible only to those outside the Mavoy.
3. The Beraisa states that if an entranceway is twenty Amos wide (far more than ten Amos wide, the maximum width of a valid entranceway), one may insert a stick in the middle of the entranceway in order to divide the entrance into two smaller entrances, each of which is less than ten Amos wide. He notes that we do not rule this way.
4. One should build a wall that is at least ten Tefachim high and four Amos long, with one end starting in the middle of the entranceway and the rest extending into the Mavoy (parallel to the two side walls of the Mavoy). This creates two separate entrances to two separate Mavoys, and each entrance is less than ten Amos wide.
5. People used to have portable seats, with a hole in the middle and leather straps on the sides. If part of a human corpse was under the seat, together with some vessels, do those vessels become Tamei through Tum'as Ohel? This is the subject of the Gemara's discussion.

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