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AVODAH ZARAH 59 (22 Av) - Dedicated in memory of Frumet bas Meier (born Ehrmann) of Kiel, Germany and New York, by her nephew, Ze'ev Rosenbaum.


1. Rebbi Yochanan says that if Nochrim bow down to a publicly-owned body of water, the water is permitted.
2. If a person bows down to a stone which became dislodged from a mountain, there is a disagreement about whether it is permitted.
3. If a potential Ger had a Bris Milah but did not immerse in a Mikvah, he remains a Nochri.
4. Rebbi Yochanan says that a child born from the union of a Nochri or servant with a Jewish woman is a Mamzer.
5. If a Nochri poured water into wine in order to dilute it, one is forbidden to drink the wine.
6. Any food item which can be eaten raw is permitted even when it is cooked by a Nochri.
7. A person should not allow a Nochri to bring grapes to the wine press.
8. If a Nochri placed his hand into a barrel of wine, one is permitted to derive benefit from the wine, provided that a Jew grasped the Nochri's hand and held it until the wine was poured into a different barrel.
9. If a Nochri was Menasech the wine of a Yisrael, the Yisrael may take money for the value of the wine from the Nochri, even though the Nochri rendered the wine forbidden to be sold.
10. If a Nochri pours the wine of a Yisrael to an Avodah Zarah without the presence of the Avodah Zarah, there is a disagreement about whether one is forbidden to derive benefit from the wine.


1. However, if the body of water is owned by a Nochri, and another Nochri bows down to it, the water becomes forbidden if he bowed down to a wave which rose above the level of the water.
2. According to one opinion, the stone is permitted since it was not dislodged by a person. Accordingly, even if a person bows down to a wave, it is prohibited only if the person lifted the wave up with his hands.
3. However, there is a disagreement about whether he is Tamei like a Nochri. The Rabanan decreed that a Nochri has the status of a Zav and his saliva and Midras are Tamei. A Nochri who had a Bris Milah but did not immerse in a Mikvah is unusual, and the decrees of the Rabanan do not apply to unusual cases.
4. Even if the Nochri had a Bris Milah but did not immerse in a Mikvah, the child is a Mamzer.
5. Although he did not touch the wine, the Rabanan prohibited drinking the wine in order to distance us from Aveiros.
6. According to another version, any food item which would not be placed on the table of a king to be eaten with bread is permitted even if it is cooked by a Nochri.
7. However, b'Di'eved if the Nochri brought the grapes, the wine which is made from the grapes is permitted.
8. However, if he is allowed to pull his hand out before the wine is poured into a different barrel, even though a grip was maintained on his hand the wine is prohibited, because it is impossible to prevent him from shaking the wine.
9. Taking the money from the Nochri is not regarded as benefiting from the wine, because the money is given not exchange for the forbidden wine, but in exchange for the value of the wine prior to the Nisuch, when the wine was permitted.
10. Rebbi Yehudah ben Bava and Rebbi Yehudah ben Beseirah permit the wine, because a Nochri usually does not pour wine to the Avodah Zarah in the absence of the Avodah Zarah. A Nochri has no right to forcefully cause the wine of the Yisrael to become forbidden.

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