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1. If a Nochri shakes wine without intending to be Menasech it to an Avodah Zarah, according to Shmuel and Rebbi Yochanan one is forbidden to derive benefit from the wine.
2. If a Nochri draws wine from a barrel with a straw, or takes a cup of wine to drink, and returns some of the wine to the barrel, one is forbidden to derive benefit from the wine.
3. If a Nochri touches wine thinking that it is oil, one is permitted to sell the wine to a Nochri.
4. A person joined two sages who were drinking wine. When that person picked up his cup, the sages realized that he was a Nochri. One sage prohibited deriving benefit from the wine, and the other permitted the wine even for drinking.
5. If a Nochri poured water into wine in order to dilute it, one is forbidden to drink the wine.
6. Rebbi Yochanan says that if Nochrim bow down to a publicly-owned body of water, the water is permitted.


1. Shmuel prohibited it in Neharde'a and Rebbi Yochanan prohibited it in Teverya. Rava explains that they prohibited even deriving benefit from the wine, because the people in those places were not Bnei Torah.
2, Even though the Nochri did not intend to be Menasech the wine, since he shook the wine it becomes forbidden.
3. Since the Nochri thought that it was oil, the Rabanan were not concerned that he was Menasech the wine, and thus it may be sold.
4. The logic of the sage who prohibited the wine was that the Nochri must have realized that the sages were drinking wine, as it is unusual for them to drink beer. Consequently, he may have been Menasech the wine. The logic of the sage who permitted the wine is that the Nochri likely assumed that it was beer, and not wine, since he knows that the Jews do not give wine to a Nochri to drink. Therefore, he was not Menasech it. However, if he used a utensil to take the wine, it would be forbidden to drink, because he touched the wine with the utensil. It is permitted only if he poured the wine into his cup without touching it.
5. Although he did not touch the wine, the Rabanan prohibited drinking the wine in order to distance us from Aveiros.
6. A person does not have the ability to prohibit something that is owned by the public.

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