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1. The blood from the Korbanos of Yom Kippur which was poured on the Yesod of the Mizbe'ach flowed out into the stream in the Azarah. It was then sold to gardeners for fertilizer.
2. Chizkiyahu ha'Melech broke the Nechash ha'Nechoshes which was made by Moshe Rabeinu, because the Bnei Yisrael were worshipping it as an Avodah Zarah.
3. David ha'Melech wore, on the place of the head where the Tefilin are worn, the crown that was captured from the Bnei Amon .
4. The crown that was captured from the Bnei Amon served as testimony for the kingship of David ha'Melech. The crown fit only one who is fit to be king.
5. It is forbidden to speak words of Torah in a bathhouse.
6. It is permitted to discuss mundane matters in Lashon ha'Kadosh in a bathhouse. It is forbidden to speak words of Torah in a bathhouse even in a language other than Lashon ha'Kadosh.
7. A person is permitted to benefit from the garden or bathhouse of an Avodah Zarah as long as he does not express his thanks to the cleric.
8. If a Nochri spits at an Avodah Zarah, urinates in front of it, or drags it through the mud, it is not nullified.


1. It was forbidden for the gardeners to derive benefit from the blood unless they paid for it, because the blood was Hekdesh.
2. The Nechash ha'Nechoshes belonged to Moshe Rabeinu and thus did not become prohibited even when sacrifices were brought to it. A person cannot cause his friend's property to become prohibited as Avodah Zarah. Chizkiyahu burned it in order to remove a stumbling block from among the people.
3. There is enough place on a person's head to wear two pairs of Tefilin at once. David ha'Melech managed to wear the crown and his Tefilin at the same time.
4. Adoniyahu attempted to put himself in position to succeed David ha'Melech. He tried on the crown but it did not fit him.
5. It is forbidden to even contemplate words of Torah in a bathroom or bathhouse.
6. Words of Torah do not lose any of their sanctity even when spoken in a language other than Lashon ha'Kadosh.
7. Although the garden was dedicated to the Avodah Zarah, it is permitted because only a sacrifice to an Avodah Zarah is prohibited.
8. Although he is disgracing the Avodah Zarah, it is not nullified. We assume that his displeasure is only temporary and he eventually will go back to worshipping it.

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