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1. Food items which were purchased with money of Ma'aser Sheni may be redeemed according to the Tana Kama. Rebbi Yehudah disagrees.
2. The Tana of our Mishnah maintains that Kisvei Kodesh of an Ir ha'Nidachas are buried. Rebbi Eliezer disagrees.
3. Uprooted trees in an Ir ha'Nidachas are forbidden. Trees that are attached to the ground are permitted.
4. Yehoshua Bin Nun cursed anyone who rebuilds Yericho. One may not even rebuild it and give it a different name, and no other city may be built and called Yericho.
5. Achav asked Eliyahu why the curse of Yehoshua Bin Nun came to fruition and not the curse of Moshe Rabeinu.
6. Three keys were not given by Hashem to a Shali'ach: the key for birth, the key for rain and the key for the revival of the dead.
7. When a Rasha arrives in the world, Hashem's wrath arrives with him. When a Rasha is taken out of the world, good comes to the world.


1. Rebbi Yehudah maintains that the Kedushah of an item which was purchased with money of Ma'aser Sheni is not strong enough to be redeemed.
2. Rebbi Eliezer learns that if even one Mezuzah is found, in the city the entire city is spared and is not judged as an Ir ha'Nidachas.
3. However, when Yehoshua bin Nun put a Cherem on Yericho, even the trees that were attached to the ground were included in the Cherem.
4. Chi'el Beis ha'Eli rebuilt a different city and called it Yericho. His oldest son died immediately when he started building the city, and his youngest son died upon the completion of the city.
5. The Torah states that if the Jewish people worship Avodah Zarah, there will be a drought. Yet in the time of Achav they worshipped Avodah Zarah and the rains fell. Eliyahu immediately prayed to Hashem that the rains should stop falling. Hashem gave Eliyahu the key to rain and there was a drought.
6. Eliyahu prayed and was given the key to rain. However, when Eliyahu prayed for the key for the revival of the dead, he was forced to return the key for the rain. Hashem did not allow him to have two of the three keys which are not given to a Shali'ach.
7. However, when a Tzadik departs from the world, evil arrives in the world. When a Tzadik arrives in the world, good arrives in the world with him.

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