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1. When Avraham Avinu battled the four kings, he used dirt and straw instead of weapons.
2. The generation of the Tower of Bavel will not have a share in the World to Come.
3. The residents of Sedom will not have a share in the World to Come.
4. The residents of Sedom became haughty as a result of the prosperity that Hashem bestowed upon them.
5. The residents of Sedom would sit wealthy people next to a shaky wall, then push the wall down on them and take their money.
6. Someone who owned one ox in Sedom was forced to shepherd all of the animals of the city for one day.
7. If someone was attacked and wounded in Sedom, the judges forced the victim to pay the attacker for letting his blood.
8. There was a certain bed in Sedom which was used for guests. If the guest was too tall for the bed they would cut him down to size.
9. Yakov prayed that his name shall not be mentioned in connection to the Meraglim or Korach.
10. On, the son of Peles, was saved from the assemblage of Korach by his wife.


1. When Avraham threw the dirt, it turned into swords, and when he threw straw, it turned into arrows.
2. Rebbi Yirmeyah maintains there were three groups among the Dor ha'Pelagah. One group wanted to go up to heaven and live there. Another group wanted to go up and worship Avodah Zarah. The third group wanted to wage war. The first group was scattered over the face of the earth. Those who wanted to wage war were turned into monkeys and demons. The group who wanted to worship Avodah Zarah had their languages mixed up so that they would not understand each other and would be unable to worship Avodah Zarah.
3. The people of Sedom sinned with their bodies and with their money. They also committed the sins of blasphemy and murder.
4. The people of Sedom lived on a very fertile land with minerals. They banned passersby from their land so that they would not have to share their wealth.
5. The people of Sedom would give strong-smelling balsam oil to wealthy people to watch for them. They would then locate the storehouses of the wealthy by following the smell of the balsam oil and steal their money.
6. Someone who owned no oxen was forced to shepherd the animals of the city for two days. They also instituted a law in Sedom that someone who travels on the ferry must pay one Zuz and someone who does not travel on the ferry must pay two Zuzim.
7. Eliezer, the servant of Avraham, went to Sedom and was attacked. When he was brought to court and sentenced to pay the attacker for letting his blood, he hit the judge and told him, "The money you owe me for providing you with the service of blood-letting should be paid to the person to whom I owe money for attacking me and letting my blood."
8. If the guest was too short for the bed, they stretched him to fit to the bed. When a poor person arrived in Sedom, each of the residents would give him a Dinar with the owner's name written on it. They refused to give the poor person any bread. When the poor person died of starvation, each person took his Dinar back.
9. The verse says "ben Levi" but not "ben Yakov" as a result of Yakov's prayers.
10. She said to him, "What difference does it make who will be victorious in the dispute? If Moshe is victorious, you are a Talmid, and if Korach is victorious, you are also a Talmid."

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