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1. A person should never ask Hashem to test him. David ha'Melech asked Hashem to test him - and he failed the test.
2. Bas Sheva was ordained to be the wife of David ha'Melech from the time of Creation.
3. The enemies of David ha'Melech attempted to embarrass him for his episode with Bas Sheva. They would ask him, "What death penalty is given to a person who commits adultery?"
4. David ha'Melech wanted to worship Avodah Zarah when he was running away from Avshalom!
5. Someone who marries a Yefas To'ar will have a son who is a Ben Sorer u'Moreh.
6. For six months David ha'Melech was a leper. During that time, the Shechinah departed from him and the Sanhedrin removed themselves from him.
7. David ha'Melech requested to be shown a sign from Hashem that his sin was atoned for.
8. Elisha attempted to bring Gechazi to repent, but he did not succeed.
9. A person should distance a sinful student with his left hand while, at the same time, he brings him closer with his right hand.
10. Elisha fell ill on three occasions.
11. Avraham Avinu was the first to show old age. Yakov was the first to weaken from sickness before passing away.


1. David ha'Melech asked Hashem why the names of the Avos are mentioned in the first verse of Shemoneh Esreh while his name is not mentioned. Hashem answered that they were put to a test and passed. David ha'Melech requested that he, too, be put to test. However, he failed the test because of the incident with Bas Sheva.
2. However, David did not take her in the correct manner. Alternatively, he took her before the proper time.
3. David responded that such a person is punished with Chenek, but he has a share in the World to Come. However, one who embarrasses his fellow man in public has no share in the World to Come.
4. David was afraid that if he would be killed by Avshalom, a Chilul Hashem would be result, and people would question how such a thing could happen to a Tzadik like David. Therefore, he wanted to worship Avodah Zarah so that people would attribute his death to that sin. However, Chushi ha'Arki dissuaded him from doing so.
5. David ha'Melech married Ma'achah (the daughter of Talmai, king of Geshur), whom he originally captured in war and took as a Yefas To'ar. Avshalom was born from that union.
6. Hashem told David that atonement for his sin is possible only if he accepts afflictions upon himself.
7. Hashem said to him, "A sign will be given only after your death." When Shlomo ha'Melech wanted to bring the Aron into the Beis ha'Mikdash, the gates stuck together and would not open, until Shlomo begged Hashem to "remember the Chesed of Your servant, David ha'Melech."
8. Gechazi said to Elisha, "I learned from you that anyone who sins and causes others to sin will not have a share in the World to Come."
9. This is unlike the conduct of Elisha, who pushed away Gechazi with both hands.
10. One illness was a punishment for causing bears to ravage 42 children. Another illness was a punishment for pushing away Gechazi with both hands. His final illness was the illness to which he succumbed.
11. Elisha was the first person to recover from an illness.

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