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SANHEDRIN 101 (5 Cheshvan) - Dedicated in honor of the Yahrzeit of Reb Naftali ben Reb Menachem Mendel (Tuli Bodner) Z"L, who was Niftar 5 Cheshvan 5766. Tuli was an Ish Chesed and Ish Ma'aseh radiating joy whose Ahavas Yisrael knew no bounds. Dedicated by his son, Mordechai Bodner of Givat Mordechai, Yerushalayim.


1. One who makes a verse from Shir ha'Shirim into a song, or reads a verse during a drinking party (i.e. at an inappropriate time) - brings evil into the world.
2. During meals, a person should learn Torah on whatever level he is capable of learning.
3. Rebbi Yochanan says, if someone reads a verse on a wound and spits on it, he loses his share in the World to Come.
4. It is permitted to rub oil and massage the stomach of an ill person on Shabbos.
5. It is permitted to charm a snake or scorpion on Shabbos to prevent them from attacking.
6. It is permitted to place a metal utensil on someone's eye on Shabbos in order to cool it off.
7. It is forbidden to make requests from Shedim on Shabbos.
8. Rebbi Akiva says, Yisurim are very precious.
9. Three people foresaw the future but they did not see it clearly: Nevat, Achitofel and the astrologers of Pharaoh.
10. Yerav'am Ben Nevat merited to be king as reward for rebuking Shlomo ha'Melech.
11. It is forbidden to sit in the Azarah, with the exception of the kings from the dynasty of David.


1. The Torah girds itself in sackcloth and says in front of Hashem, "Your sons are making me into a harp which is played by scoffers."
2. If he is proficient in the written Torah, he should learn Tanach. If he knows Mishnah, he should learn Mishnah, Halachah and Agados. If he knows Talmud, he should learn the Halachos of the relevant Yom Tov.
3. It is forbidden to mention the name of Heaven while spitting. Rav says this applies even if one reads a verse without the name of Hashem, such as the verse of Nega Tzara'as. Rebbi Chanina says it is forbidden even to read a verse that has no relevance to a Nega or a Refu'ah even though he is not reading the verse as a Refu'ah, but only in order that he be cured with the merit of the Torah.
4. Although it is forbidden to perform an act of Refu'ah on Shabbos, rubbing oil is not regarded as an act of Refu'ah because it is no different from drinking liquids. However, it must be done with a Shinuy: according to Rebbi Chama bar Chanina, he should rub the oil before he massages the stomach; according to Rebbi Yochanan, he should rub and massage the stomach simultaneously.
5. It is not regarded as trapping which is forbidden on Shabbos.
6. Only a non-Muktzah utensil may be used.
7. It was the common practice to inquire from the Shedim about where a lost object is located. It is forbidden mid'Rabanan to be occupied with one's affairs on Shabbos. Rebbi Yosi says it is forbidden to ask the Shedim even on a weekday because it can put the person in danger.
8. Chizkiyahu ha'Melech taught Torah to all of Klal Yisrael, and certainly he taught his son Menasheh. Yet, for all of the toil he put into his son, Menasheh did Teshuvah only as a result of Yisurim.
9. Nevat and Achitofel each foresaw Malchus in his future and mistakenly understood that he would become king. However, it was actually their son or grandson who was destined to become king. The astrologers of Pharaoh foresaw that the redeemer of the Jewish people would be stricken with water, but they did not realize that it was the Mei Merivah.
10. He rebuked Shlomo, saying that his father David made many entrances in the walls of Yerushalayim to make it easier for the Olei Regel, whereas Shlomo closed them to facilitate counting the sojourners in order to collect taxes from them for the sake of Bas Pharaoh.
11. Yerav'am was concerned that he would be forced to stand in the Azarah when his subjects are Olei Regel, while Rechav'am, the king of Yehudah, sits. The people would say Rechav'am is the king and Yerav'am is his servant. Therefore, Yeravam made two golden calves, one in Dan and one in Beis El.

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