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1. If someone sold seeds but they did not grow, the seller is not responsible.
2. The Amora'im disagree about whether the buyer of an ox who finds out that it has gored many times may claim that the sale should be cancelled.
3. The Gemara explains this dispute (#2).
4. The Gemara discusses a case of a woman who claims her Kesuvah and says she had never previously been married.
5. The burden of proof is upon her, even though there is a "Rov" that most women who marry were never married before.


1. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel says that if the seeds were clearly for planting and not for eating, the seller is responsible (see Daf 93, #4 below).
2. Rav: This is a mistaken purchase (as he would not have bought the ox had he known that it gored). Shmuel: The sale is not cancelled, as the seller may claim that he sold the ox for meat, not for plowing.
3. Rav says that it is a mistaken purchase because most people buy oxen for plowing and not for eating. Shmuel says that we do not take into account what "most" (Rov) people do in matters of monetary law (to rule that this is a mistaken purchase).
4. She claims that when she married her husband she had never been married before, and thus her Kesuvah is 200 Zuz, while her husband claims she was a widow before they married, and thus her Kesuvah is only 100 Zuz. The Gemara rules that she may collect 200 Zuz only if there are witnesses, but those witnesses need to testify merely that the type of wedding she had indicated that she was never married previously.
5. This is because it is known about most people, who marry and then divorce, that this is the first time they were married. Since there is no such knowledge among the public that she was never married before, the principle of "Rov" does not apply (and does not support her case).

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