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1. The Gemara discusses whether a husband who sells a field to his wife may claim that the sale is invalid.
2. It is clear that if a person gives his wife a field as a present, he may not claim the gift document is invalid.
3. If a person borrowed money from his servant before freeing him, or from his wife before divorcing her, he does not have to repay any money.
4. One should not accept valuable items for safekeeping from women, children, and servants.
5. The Gemara discusses what one should do if he already accepted the items for safekeeping.


1. It is possible that he may claim that he knew that she was hiding money from him which was legally his, and therefore he told her that he would sell her a field in order to trick her into giving him the money she was withholding.
2. Unlike the previous case, he cannot claim that he was trying to retrieve money that his wife was withholding.
3. This is because he may claim that they withheld money that belonged to him, since legally their money is his. The reason why this claim works when it was unclear whether this worked above (1) is because it is a loan, and we assume people do not want to owe money, and therefore this person must not have really taken a loan. Please rewrite
4. This is because there is a concern that the women or servants took the items without the knowledge of their husbands or masters. (Tosfos says that we suspect that a minor merely found the object.) If no one accepts the items for safekeeping, they will likely return the items to their rightful owners. (Even though the minor found the object and did not steal it, we do not accept items from minors.)
5. If one accepted an item from a woman, one should return the item to her; we do not say that she definitely is a thief. (Rather, that concern merely prevents one from accepting the item from her in the first place). If she dies, we return the item to her husband.

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