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1. A Chazakah not backed up by a clear claim of ownership is not a Chazakah.
2. An heir is not required to know how his father acquired a field.
3. If two witnesses say that Reuven owes Shimon 100, and two others say that Reuven owes Shimon 200, Reuven owes only 100.
4. There is a dispute about the law when one witness says that Reuven owes Shimon 100, and the other says that Reuven owes Shimon 200.
5. If three different buyers occupied the property for three years, each one for a year, their years add up to a Chazakah.


1. If a person occupied a field for three years and claims that nobody ever told him that he cannot be there, it is not a valid claim and essentially he has no Chazakah. The Chazakah is effective only when the person says that he bought the field or came into possession of it in some other legal manner.
2. If a person inherited a field, his claim of ownership is valid by the mere fact that he inherited it from his father. He does not have to provide proof for, or even make a claim about, how his father came to possess the field.
3. We do not say that since they are saying different amounts, there is no clear testimony. Rather, we say that everyone is testifying to 100, and there is contradictory testimony regarding the second hundred (which is therefore not collected).
4. Beis Shamai: Their testimony is rejected, as there is no clear pair of witnesses saying what he owes. Beis Hillel: In this case, as well, he owes 100.
5. If Reuven sold his property to Shimon, who was there for a year and then sold it to Levi, and Levi was there for a year and then sold it to Yehudah, and Yehudah was there for a year, Yehudah now has a Chazakah -- provided that the last two sale documents are present. (If the first sale document from Reuven to Shimon is also present, the original owner has no claim, even if there is no Chazakah).

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