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1. The Gemara discusses what happens if, after protesting, the landowner tells the witnesses not to tell the squatter.
2. The Gemara discusses what happens if, after the owner protests, the witnesses tell the owner that they will not tell the squatter.
3. If the landowner tells the witnesses not to tell anyone at all about the protest, it is not valid.
4. There is a dispute about how many witnesses are needed for a protest to be valid.
5. The Gemara explains the nature of their dispute.


1. Rav Zevid: This is not a valid protest. Rav Papa: This is a valid protest. The owner is telling them merely not to tell the occupier in person, but he wants them to spread the word that he protested (and it will eventually get to the squatter).
2. The same argument applies. Rav Papa says that they mean that they will not tell him directly, but they will spread the word.
3. If the witnesses say that they will not tell anyone at all, there is a dispute about whether it is valid. Rav Papa says it is invalid, while Rav Huna the son of Rebbi Yehoshua says it is valid, since people generally will repeat anything they are not forbidden to say (and here nobody forbid them from telling).
4. Some say two, while others say three.
5. The opinion that two people are needed consider this to be akin to testimony, which requires two people. The opinion that three people are needed maintain that this must become public knowledge, and that is accomplished only by saying it in front of three people.

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