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1. If one loses his sale document, he may ask the witnesses who testified to the sale to write him a new one.
2. Some say that this (#1) applies only to a gift or sale of land without a lien.
3. The Gemara explains why Rebbi Yosi is in favor of writing a receipt for a partial payment of a loan (instead of a new document).
4. There is a dispute about the status of a transaction document that is dated on Shabbos or on Yom Kippur.
5. The Gemara concludes that there is no such dispute.


1. He may do this even ten times, as long as they write the exact same text (with the same dates and all other details) as the original document.
2. The witnesses may not write for the lender a new loan document that enables him to collect land from a person who bought land from the borrower after the loan.
3. First, this will cause the borrower to pay the rest of the loan as quickly as possible, because he does not want to lose the receipt and risk having to pay the entire loan back again. Second, the receipt enables the lender to retain the ability to collect the rest of the loan from fields that the borrower sold after the date on the original loan document.
4. Rebbi Yehudah: It is valid. Rebbi Yosi: It is invalid.
5. While this dispute does apply in the case of a document that is dated early or late, it is clear that a Jew does not conduct such a transaction on Shabbos or on Yom Kippur. Accordingly, there is no dispute in this case, but there is a dispute in the case of a document dated later or earlier on a day when it could have been written.

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