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1. It is assumed that witnesses will sign on a monetary document only if they are certain that the parties involved are adults.
2. There is a dispute in the Gemara about what is considered a "minor" regarding land deals.
3. The Gemara discusses the case of a person who does not have physical signs of maturity at the age of 20.
4. If he does not have signs of being a Seris, he is not considered an adult even at the age of 20 (for the purposes of Yibum).
5. The minimum age for property transactions is far older than the minimum age for buying and selling movable objects.


1. This is one of the reasons why the claim in the case above (Daf 154, #5) is invalid.
2. Rava: The minimum age is 18. Rav Huna bar Chinina: The minimum age is 20.
3. If he has certain signs of being a Seris (who is unable to have children), he is classified as an adult. However, if his brother dies without children, his brother's wife is exempt from Yibum and Chalitzah, since his sole brother cannot "build up his brother's house."
4. The Gemara says that one who has no signs of a Seris, nor any signs of adulthood, becomes an adult at the age of 36.
5. This is because we want children to be able to support themselves with food and drink if they are unable to obtain it otherwise. Therefore, if they are very smart, their business transactions with movable objects can be valid already at the age of six or seven.

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