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1. The Mishnah discusses a gift document that did not mention whether or not the person was dying.
2. Rebbi Meir: The giver must prove that he was dying when he wrote this document if he wants to retract his gift.
3. There is a dispute about the law in a case of a document in which it says that it was written while the giver was sick in bed, but did not say he was dying.
4. A Beraisa uses an argument similar to that of the Mishnah.
5. The definitions of a private domain and public domain differ regarding Shabbos and Tum'ah.


1. The giver says that he was dying and therefore his present is invalid since he recovered. The recipient says that the giver was healthy, and therefore he cannot retract.
2. Chachamim: The burden of proof is on the person who wants to take away his friend's possessions (in this case, this would normally be the recipient).
3. Rabah: If he died shortly afterward, it is clear that he wrote this while he was dying. Abaye: We do not make such assumptions, as is evident from cases of people whose boats sank at sea, where there is a certain degree of possibility that they are still alive.
4. Rebbi Yakov: The giver may take the possessions away without showing proof, unless the recipient can show proof that the giver was healthy at the time. Rebbi Nasan: If the giver is currently healthy, the recipient must prove he was deathly ill, and if the giver is currently deathly ill, the recipient must prove that he was healthy (i.e., the current status is presumed until disproved).
5. Regarding Shabbos, a private domain is enclosed by a fence, while a public domain is open (a simplified definition). Regarding Tum'ah, a private domain is a place where people can be secluded (even if there are no walls), while a public domain is a place where people are not secluded.

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