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1. Achitofel gave to his sons three instructions before he died.
2. The Gemara discusses how the pillar of smoke from the Mizbe'ach moved after Shemini Atzeres, and how people interpreted this.
3. Aba Shaul: If Shavuos is a clear day, it is a good sign for the whole year.
4. There is a dispute about whether the law that a dying person's words are effective as a gift is of Torah or Rabbinic origin.
5. If a person sells a loan document to his friend, he can still forego payment and cause his friend to lose the ability to collect from the borrower.


1. He told them: do not argue, do not rebel against the kingdom of David ha'Melech (as it did not work out well for Achitofel), and if Shavuos falls on a clear day, one should plant wheat.
2. For example, if the wind blew the smoke northward, the poor people would be happy and the rich people would be sad. It was interpreted as a sign that there would be much rain; fruits would rot and people would be forced to sell at a cheap price.
3. Rav Zevid: The weather for the coming year is indicated by the first day of the year. Accordingly, if the first day of the year is hot, it will be a hot year, and if it is cold, it will be a cold year.
4. Rebbi Zeira: It is a Torah law, derived from a verse. Rava: It is a law instituted by the Rabanan so that a dying man should not become greatly distressed that his word is not being carried out, and they made it have the status of a Torah law.
5. However, his friend may demand his money back from the seller, as the seller directly caused him to lose money (Rashbam).

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