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1. In the future, Hashem will make a Sukah for the righteous out of the skin of the Leviathan.
2. Rebbi Yochanan says that Hashem will bring massive precious stones to the gates of Yerushalayim.
3. A student of Rebbi Yochanan actually saw angels carving out these massive precious stones.
4. Part of the punishment in the World to Come is that a person will be "burned" with embarrassment when he sees the reward in Gan Eden that his friend received.
5. There is a dispute about how one acquires a boat.


1. Those who are not as righteous will receive a shaded area made from its skin (but not four walls), while those who are even less righteous will wear a necklace or (for those even less righteous) an amulet.
2. A certain student heard this and said it did not sound believable, as nobody has ever seen such large precious stones.
3. When this student, who originally did not believe Rebbi Yochanan's understanding, reported in astonishment to Rebbi Yochanan that he saw the angels doing as Rebbi Yochanan had said, Rebbi Yochanan replied, "Empty one! If you had not seen this you would not have believed it?!"
4. In other words, people will see their friends who have a greater portion in Gan Eden and will be embarrassed that they themselves did not achieve such a great portion.
5. Rav: It is sufficient to pull it so that it moves a small amount. Shmuel: One must move the boat so that the beginning of the boat ends up where the end of the boat used to be (in other words, he must move the boat one boat-length).

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