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1. The Gemara discusses a case of a Kohen who was demoted, promoted, and then demoted again.
2. The Gemara records a dispute about whether we issue a fourth ruling (in #1) when the ruling might damage Beis Din's reputation.
3. Rav Ashi: There is a dispute about whether witnesses who testify separately may combine.
4. The Gemara discusses a case of a person caught with a forged document of sale, who still claims he should win.
5. Rabah: He (in #4) wins. Since we would have accepted the document as valid without his admission, we believe his claim.


1. In this case, a rumor caused Beis Din to rule that a person is not a Kohen (at least temporarily, until the rumor was researched), but he was reinstated after a witness testified he was a Kohen. Two witnesses then testified he was not a Kohen, causing him to be demoted again, but then another witness stepped forward and said that he is a Kohen.
2. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: The witnesses are two against two, and therefore he should be reinstated to his status as a Kohen. Rebbi Elazar: Despite this fact, it will make light of the rulings of Beis Din, and therefore he retains his demoted status.
3. Rav Ashi maintains that the argument between Raban Shimon and Rebbi Elazar is not about whether we are concerned that people may make light of the rulings of Beis Din, but rather whether the witnesses combine. He says that Rebbi Elazar maintains that the single witnesses (in #1) do not combine, and therefore the Kohen is not reinstated.
4. When confronted by the original owner of the land, the current tenant claimed that he had bought it from the owner, and he was holding the sale document to prove it. When the original owner remarked that it was a forged document, the tenant admitted quietly to Rabah that he had forged it, but only because he lost his original document.
5. Rav Yosef: There is no proof, as this document is forged, and therefore we do not believe that this is his land.

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