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1. The Gemara discusses the case of Rav Yosef and the blood-letters.
2. Even though Beis Din does not force payment for causing indirect damage, it is forbidden to purposely cause damage indirectly.
3. One may not claim that he is permitted to cause damage indirectly because he has always been doing what he is currently doing.
4. Similarly, the Mishnah says that dovecotes should be distanced 50 Amos from a city.
5. If the majority of an item is from A (and thus there is reason to believe that the item came from A), but it is closer to B (and thus there is reason to believe it is from B), we assume it is from A.


1. Rav Yosef did not want the blood-letters to let blood under his date trees, because the blood that spilled there was attracting ravens to gather by his tree and eat his dates.
2. Accordingly, Rav Yosef said that the blood-letters should leave, as they are indirectly causing damage to his dates.
3. In other words, the blood-letters were not able to claim that since they had already been bloodletting under Rav Yosef's trees for quite some time, they could not be stopped from practicing at this location.
4. Otherwise, the birds eat the vegetation from the gardens in the city.
5. This is because Rebbi Chanina says, "Rov v'Karov, Holchin Achar ha'Rov" -- "in a case of Rov (majority) against Karov (proximity), we follow the [rule of] Rov ( majority)."

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