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The beauty of R. Kahana was similar to the beauty or R. Avahu and the beauty of R. Avahu was similar to the beauty of Ya'akov Avinu and the beauty of Ya'akov Avinu was similar to the beauty of Adam ha'Rishon. (1)
R. Yochanan sat at the entrance to the Mikvah so that when the Bnos Yisrael exited the Mikvah they would see him and they would have children who will be as beautiful and learned as him.
R. Yochanan was not concerned for an Ayin ha'Ra because he descended from Yosef who was not susceptible to an Ayin ha'Ra.
A sword, a knife, a saw, a hand sickle and a harvesting sickle are susceptible to Tum'ah only when they are completed.
R. Yochanan says they are considered completed when they are hardened in a furnace, while Reish Lakish says they are not considered completed until they are polished with water.
R. Eliezer Bar Shimon accepted afflictions on himself as atonement for giving a person over to the Malchus to be killed even though the person was a complete Rasha and was Chayav Misah.
R. Eliezer Bar Shimon was Metaher the blood of sixty women and he commented that if ruled correctly they should all give birth to boys and indeed they all gave birth to boys and they named them Eliezer.
When R. Eliezer Bar Shimon died he was placed in the attic by his wife for a period of eighteen to twenty two years because he was afraid that if it was announced that he died the Rabanim would not accord him the proper respect. (2)
One time the wife of R. Eliezer Bar Shimon saw a worm coming out of his ear and he appeared to her in a dream and told her that it was a punishment for not protesting sufficiently when he heard someone disgrace a Talmid Chacham.
When two people would come to R. Eliezer Bar Shimon for a Din Torah they would stand at the entrance of the attic where he was laid to rest and they would state their claims and a Bas Kol rang out Ish Ploni you are Chayav or Ish Ploni you are Patur.


1. Although R. Yochanan was also very beautiful he is not included because he did not have a beard.
2. R. Eliezer was appointed by the Malchus to catch thieves and therefore he was concerned that the Rabanim may have had relatives who he gave over to the Malchus and they were angry and at him and would not accord him the respect he deserved.


R. Yochanan commented to Reish Lakish that since he was bandit at one time he was aware that a sword is not completed until it is polished with water. Reish Lakish responded what did it help me [that I did Teshuvah], previously they called me Rebbe and now they call me Rebbe. R. Yochanan responded that you were helped that you were brought under the wings of the Shechinah. The Chachmas Shlomo explains that since it is forbidden to remind a Ba'al Teshuvah of his previous sins Reish Lakish assumed that R. Yochanan meant to say that he must have become a bandit out of desperation from his poverty and thus he has gone from desperation to becoming a prominent Rav. Reish Lakish responded that even back then he was not a desperate person and he was he was even called Rebbe just he is called Rebbe right now. R. Yochanan took the words of Reish Lakish at face value that he was no better off now than he was then and that is why he was Makpid.


All metal utensils are not susceptible to Tum'ah until they are completed and the utensil is not lacking any Melachah at all, but unfinished metal utensils are not susceptible to Tum'ah. A sword is not susceptible to Tum'ah until it is polished and a knife is not susceptible to Tum'ah until it sharpened. (Rambam Hilchos Kelim 8:1, 2)

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