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KIDUSHIN 82 (Siyum of Nashim!) - Dedicated by HaGaon HaRav Yosef and Ruthie Pearlman of London, England. May Hashem bless them with good health and all their needs, and may they enjoy many years of Nachas and joy from their wonderful family.


A woman or an unmarried man may not teach children because of concern of potential inappropriate familiarity with the fathers or mothers of the children.
R. Eliezer says that even a married man who is not living with his wife at the time may not teach children.
Rebbi Yehudah says that an unmarried man may not be a shepherd and two unmarried men may not sleep in one Talsi, while the Chachamim say that we do not suspect a Jew of intimacy with another man or with an animal.
Anyone whose occupation involves dealing with women may not seclude himself even with women. (1)

A person should not teach his son an occupation that involves dealing with women.
R. Meir says that a person shall teach his son a clean and easy craft because a person can achieve wealth regardless of his occupation because wealth is not dependent on one’s occupation; it is dependent on one’s merits.
A person should not teach his son to be a donkey, camel, or wagon driver, or a sailor or a shepherd or a storekeeper. (2)
R. Nehorai says that he disregards all the occupations I the world and only teaches his son Torah because the Torah guards a person in his youth and gives him hope in his old age.
Avraham Avinu kept the entire Torah before it was given.
A person whose occupation involves dealing with women may not be appointed a King or a Kohen Gadol because his occupation is undignified.
Rebbi says that every craft in the world is needed, however a person who is a spice merchant is fortunate and a person who is a tanner is unfortunate.
The world cant survive without both males and females, however a person whose children are make is fortunate and a person who children are female is unfortunate.
Animals do not have to work for their occupation even though they a\were created to sever huamsn and humans who were created to serve Hashem certainly should \nt have to work fr tehor leivelihhod however our bad deeds cut off our livelihhod.


1. He may not seclude himself even with many woman while other men may not seclude themselves with two women but if there are more than two women it is permitted.
2. Because these occupations lend themselves to thievery.


The Mishnah states that the best of the doctors will go to Gehinom. The Maharsha explains this statement is referring doctors who think they are the best of the doctors and trusts only his own expertise and as a result of his arrogance he sometimes misdiagnosis the illness and causes the patient to die. However a doctor who does not solely rely on his own opinion and consults with other doctors is not the type of doctor that the Mishnah is referring to.


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