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1. A husband may be Meifer (annul) a vow made by his wife on Shabbos.
2. A Torah scholar may permit a vow on Shabbos only if the vow pertains to Shabbos.
3. One is generally not permitted to measure items on Shabbos.
4. One is allowed to tie a non-permanent knot on Shabbos.
5. This law (#2) applies even if the person could have asked to annul his vow before Shabbos.


1. The Gemara inquires as to whether this applies only to vows that are necessary for Shabbos.
2. Since a Torah scholar may permit a vow at any time (as opposed to a husband who may do so only "b'Yom Sham'o" -- "on the day he hears it"), he must wait until after Shabbos to deal with it -- unless the vow's annulment is relevant to Shabbos.
3. However, if he needs to measure an object of Mitzvah (e.g., to ascertain if a Mikvah has the minimum amount of water to be valid), it is permitted.
4. The Mishnah derives this from an incident in which such a knot was tied on Shabbos.
5. The Gemara says that the Rabanan permitted a vow for Rav Zutra, the son of Rebbi Zeira, on Shabbos, even though he had time to inquire about it before Shabbos.

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