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1. There is a dispute about who is fit to mix the Mei Chatas with the ashes of the Parah Adumah.
2. The Mishnah discusses a case where a Mohel confused two babies and mistakenly circumcised a seven-day-old baby on Shabbos instead of Sunday.
3. The Mishnah also discusses a similar case where a Mohel performed a Bris on Shabbos on a baby who was supposed to have a Bris on Friday.
4. If a baby is born during twilight, his Bris does not override Shabbos or Yom Tov.
5. A healthy baby born during twilight may need to have his Bris on the twelfth day of his life.


1. Tana Kama: Anyone may do so, with the exception of: one who is both deaf and dumb, one who is insane, and a minor. Rebbi Yehudah: A minor may mix them, but a woman or Androginus may not.
2. The text in our Mishnah, as endorsed by Rav Huna, says that he is liable to bring a Korban Chatas. Rav Yehudah understands that in this case the Mishnah should read that Rebbi Eliezer says he is liable to bring a Korban Chatas, while Rebbi Yehoshua says he is exempt.
3. The text in our Mishnah (as endorsed by Rav Huna) says that Rebbi Eliezer says he is liable to bring a Chatas and Rebbi Yehoshua says he is exempt. Rav Yehudah understands that they maintain that he is exempt.
4. This is because there is a doubt about whether he is going to be eight days old on Shabbos or Yom Tov. His Bris overrides Shabbos only if that day is definitely the eighth day after his birth.
5. If a baby is born during twilight of a Wednesday night that is one week before a two-day Rosh Hashanah that precedes Shabbos, the baby will not have his Bris until the Sunday after Rosh Hashanah (which is the twelfth day of his life if he was born on Wednesday).

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