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1. There is a dispute about whether one may carry unsalted meat on Shabbos.
2. One may place a basket in front of chicks to enable them to climb or descend on it.
3. One may not help an animal give birth on Shabbos.
4. One should do anything that needs to be done for a woman who is giving birth on Shabbos.
5. The Gemara discusses whether the Melachah of squeezing is transgressed when one squeezes liquid out of hair.


1. Rav Huna: It is permitted. Rav Chisda: It is forbidden. Salted fish or meat is not Muktzah.
2. The simple explanation of this Mishnah is that move vessels is permitted even when they are moved for the sake of something that is Muktzah on Shabbos. Rebbi Yitzchak (43a) maintains that the basket may be moved to help the chicks only if one needs the space where the basket currently rests.
3. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: If a Kosher animal, after giving birth, is distancing its child, one is allowed to put a fistful of salt in its womb so that it will remember the pain of the birth and take care of its young.
4. This includes performing Torah prohibitions such as lighting candles on Shabbos so that the midwife can see, and bringing any oils or medicines that are necessary, even via Reshus ha'Rabim.
5. The argument is whether hair is considered a hard material that does not absorb enough liquid to be considered an act of Sechitah, or whether it is soft enough to absorb and thus Sechitah applies.

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