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1. There is a dispute about whether a vessel primarily used for Melachah may be used for a non-Melachah purpose.
2. An item that is important and which is designated to be used for only for one purpose may not be used at all on Shabbos.
3. One may not drink a potion to cause himself to vomit on Shabbos in order to make room to eat more.
4. The Gemara discusses the different stages of the decree of Muktzah.
5. Abaye explains the laws of what the Sages eventually permitted with regard to Muktzah.


1. While most opinions understand that a Kli she'Melachto l'Isur (a vessel primarily used for a Melachah) may be used l'Tzorech Gufo (for a non-Melachah purpose), Rebbi Nechemyah maintains that it may not be used for such a purpose.
2. Such an item is called "Muktzah Machmas Chisaron Kis." For example, a tool used by a worker only for his work and which is set aside not to be used for any other purpose may not be moved on Shabbos, even for a permitted type of usage.
3. While this is not considered a form of healing and thus not prohibited due to the prohibition against using medicine on Shabbos, it is prohibited because it is like the person is making himself fit (similar to the reason for why Tevilas Kelim is prohibited on Shabbos).
4. The Beraisa states that originally most things were forbidden to be carried on Shabbos except for basic cutlery, cups, plates, etc., as well as three specialty items used with food (such as a tool used for cutting fig cakes). However, the Rabanan kept permitting more and more things to be used.
5. For example, they permitted any item primarily used for a non-Melachah purpose when used in its normal manner. Later, they permitted moving it when the space it was taking up was needed. They later permitted even an item which is primarily used for Melachah to be used for a non-Melachah purpose.

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