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1. If a Nochri lit a candle for himself, a Jew may benefit from that candle on Shabbos.
2. One may lead his animal onto grass, and we are not concerned that he will pull up the grass to give it to his animal.
3. When a Nochri does a Melachah and there is leftover benefit for a Jew whom he does not know, that Jew is permitted to benefit from the Melachah of the Nochri.
4. There is a dispute about when a Jew may benefit from the Melachah of a Nochri who knows him.
5. Doors of vessels (such as trunks, as opposed to doors of houses) may be carried on Shabbos.


1. However, if the Nochri lit the candle for the Jew, it is forbidden mid'Rabanan for the Jew to benefit from that candle on Shabbos.
2. However, one may not put his animal on Muktzah items that he wants it to eat, since we are concerned that he will pick up the Muktzah with his hands (since it is only forbidden mid'Rabanan) and give it to the animal.
3. This is because the Nochri clearly did not do the Melachah for the Jew.
4. Abaye: If the Jew is not present when the Nochri does the Melachah, the Jew may benefit, since we assume that the Nochri did not do it for the Jew. Rava: If the Nochri needed to do the Melachah for himself anyway, the Jew may benefit from it.
5. They may be carried even if they became detached from the vessel during the week.

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