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SHABBOS 121 (13 Tamuz) - Today's Dafyomi study is dedicated to the blessed memory of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Seymour Ira Gottlieb (Yitzchak Shimon ben Chaim Shlomo Yosef ha'Levi, Z"L), who died in World War II on the 13th of Tamuz 5704 in the battle of St. Lo, France, fighting the Nazis to save his Jewish brethren in Europe.


1. If a Nochri starts to extinguish a fire in a Jewish home on Shabbos, we do not stop him.
2. Rebbi Ami: One may announce in the presence of Nochrim, "Whoever puts out the fire will not lose."
3. The Gemara relates the miracle that happened to Yosef ben Simai.
4. There is a dispute about whether Beis Din must stop a minor from desecrating Shabbos.
5. There is a dispute about whether one may kill certain dangerous animals on Shabbos.


1. Although it is forbidden to tell him to do so (when the fire poses no threat to human life), we do not have to stop him from doing so (if he is not the homeowner's servant). However, one must stop his child from putting out the fire.
2. Since the Jew is not telling the Nochrim to extinguish the fire, but he is merely informing the Nochrim that if they put out the fire they will note lose (implying that they will gain some form of remuneration), it is permitted.
3. A fire erupted in his yard. Nochrim came to put it out, because he was close to the king. He did not allow them to do so because of the honor of Shabbos. As a result of his sacrifice for the honor of Shabbos, Hashem brought a sudden rainfall that put out the fire.
4. However, everyone agrees that if a minor sees that his father wants him to do a Melachah, he must be stopped from doing that Melachah.
5. This dispute applies only when the dangerous animals are not presently chasing anybody. Rav Sheshes and Rav Katina say that one does not have to veer from his normal path if a snake or scorpion is in his way, but he may walk normally even though he will thereby trample it and kill it.

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