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1. When a scrupulous person realizes that he erred as a result of lack of knowledge , he learns from his error and ensures that he will not err again.
2. The Gemara describes how one may save clothes from a fire on Shabbos by wearing them to safety.
3. There is a dispute about whether one may cause a fire to be extinguished by putting something in its path that will put it out.
4. A non-Muktzah item becomes Muktzah if a person places a Muktzah item on it before Shabbos.
5. There is a dispute about whether one may open a door that is opposite a fire when a wind is blowing.


1. This is the meaning of the verse, "And this stumbling block is under your hand." In other words, after making a mistake, a scrupulous person ensures that he will remember the correct way to conduct himself.
2. Rebbi Meir: One may wear as many clothes as he can in order to transport them to a different domain. He may then take them off and follow the same process again. Rebbi Yosi: One may make only one trip with a maximum of eighteen specific articles of clothing (listed in the Beraisa).
3. Tana Kama: One may put earthenware vessels full of water in the path of a fire even though they will break and spill when the fire reaches them, causing the fire to go out. Rebbi Yosi: One may not extinguish a fire on Shabbos in this manner.
4. However, the non-Muktzah item becomes Muktzah only if the person intended that his Muktzah item should remain on the non-Muktzah item during Shabbos. However, if he merely forgot to take off the Muktzah item from the non-Muktzah item before Shabbos, the non-Muktzah item does not become Muktzah.
5. Rav Yehudah: One may not open the door if a strong wind is blowing, since it will certainly fan the flame (or put it out). One may open the door when a normal wind blows, since it will not necessarily affect the flame. Abaye: One may not open the door in either case, so that he not open it when a strong wind blows.

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