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1. There is a dispute about how many meals one may save on Shabbos if a fire breaks out.
2. If one already saved an amount of superior quality bread for his three Shabbos meals, there is no allowance to save bread of lesser quality.
3. There is an obligation to use Lechem Mishnah (two loaves) for the blessing on bread at the Shabbos meals.
4. Rebbi Ami and Rebbi Asi would often use for their Lechem Mishnah the bread used to make an Eruv.
5. There is a dispute about how many meals one is obligated to eat on Shabbos.


1. Tana Kama: One may save food for as many meals as he has left on Shabbos. Rebbi Yosi: Even if he has already eaten some meals, he may save an amount for three meals.
2. These leniencies also do not allow for saving bread for the next Shabbos or for Yom Tov that falls on Sunday (since one can bake more bread on Yom Tov).
3. There is a dispute about whether one should cut both loaves used for Lechem Mishnah, as Rebbi Zeira did, or only one loaf, as was the custom of Rav Kahana.
4. They did so in accordance with the principle that an object used for one Mitzvah should be used for another Mitzvah as well.
5. Tana Kama: One is obligated to eat three meals, one at night and two in the day. Rebbi Chidka: One is obligated to eat four meals, one at night and three during the day.

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