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1. One may not use a string to tie a pail onto something in order to get water from a well.
2. There is a dispute about whether one may tie the pail (see #1) with a string used by a weaver for his work.
3. One may place certain items partially in the ground with intention to remove them from there on Shabbos.
4. One is allowed to prepare (but not separate) items on Shabbos for much later during Shabbos, even at night for the daytime.
5. The Gemara discusses the verse in Yeshayah (58:13) which teaches the proper way to conduct oneself on Shabbos.


1. This is because it is likely that he will leave the string there permanently. Even if he does not plan to do so, it is forbidden mid'Rabanan due to the concern for the likelihood that he will leave it on the pail.
2. Rebbi Yehudah: It is permitted. The weaver will not allow his string to remain permanently attached to the pail because he needs it for his work. Chachamim: All strings are forbidden lest one permit himself to use a string which will be left on the pail permanently.
3. This is permitted only in a place where it is not possible to smooth out the surface from which he takes the object, such as in a field where he does not care about the appearance of the ground. However, one may not do this in a house with an earthen floor, since he may come to smooth out the floor somehow.
4. For example, the Mishnah says that one may make a bed on Friday night for use on Shabbos day. However, one may not make a bed on Shabbos for use on Motza'i Shabbos.
5. For example, from the words, "And you shall honor it," we derive that one should have special Shabbos clothes. From the words, "Refrain from finding your items," we learn that one should not plan any business dealings or look over his fields on Shabbos.

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