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1. The Gemara discusses cures for snake bites, except for one type of snake bite that cannot be cured.
2. One is allowed to eat spleen on Shabbos in order to heal his teeth.
3. One is generally allowed to drink water that flows near palm trees on Shabbos.
4. One is not allowed to castrate a person, animal, or bird.
5. One is allowed to cut off the crown of a rooster, even though it causes him not to mate with hens.


1. This "snake bite" refers to someone who was put in Niduy by the Chachamim, as the verse states, "And one who breaches the wall (i.e. he violates the laws set up by the Sages) will be bitten by a snake." Since he is supposed to die by snake bite, no healing methods will help.
2. Even though one eats it in order to be healed and it hurts his stomach, it is considered a food and he is therefore permitted to eat it on Shabbos.
3. The exception mentioned in the Mishnah is that one is not allowed to drink water from a stream that runs through two known palm trees in Eretz Yisrael. The water in that stream is known to cause a person to have to quickly go to the bathroom.
4. The Torah prohibits castrating a person when it says, "And in your land you shall not do it in yourself...."
5. This act is not a violation of the prohibition against sterilizing an animal, as it does not physically sterilize him, but rather it causes the rooster to be depressed to the point that it does not mate.

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