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1. There is a dispute about why not knowing about Shabbos makes one liable for only one Korban Chatas, why not knowing about multiple Melachos makes one Chayav for multiple Korbanos.
2. Shmuel explains the source that one can be obligated to bring many Korbanos for one act of Shabbos desecration.
3. There is dispute about why the Torah singles out the prohibition against lighting a fire on Shabbos.
4. Rebbi Yosi has his own source that one offers many Korbanos for one act of Shabbos desecration.
5. Rava discusses the Korbanos that must be offered for two different types of unintentional transgression.


1. Rav Safra: One who is told that it is Shabbos will refrain from all Melachah, while one who is told that a particular Melachah is forbidden will refrain only from that Melachah. Rav Nachman: The Torah says that one is obligated to offer a Korban Chatas for unintentionally forgetting and committing one transgression. If he forgets and commits many transgressions, he is liable to offer many Chata'os.
2. A person who does one action on Shabbos and thereby unintentionally transgresses many different prohibitions of Shabbos must bring a separate Korban Chatas for each Melachah he transgressed. Shmuel derives this from the seemingly extra words in the verse, "those who transgress it will surely be killed."
3. Rebbi Nasan: This teaches that a person who performs multiple acts of Melachah on Shabbos must bring a separate Chatas for each Melachah transgressed. Rebbi Yosi: This teaches that one who lights a fire on Shabbos transgresses only a Lav (a negative prohibition), and is not liable for Kares or Sekilah.
4. He derives this from the unusual wording of the verse, "And he will do from one from these." Shmuel has his own source for this law (see #2 above) and does not agree with Rebbi Nasan or Rebbi Yosi. (See Tosfos here and on 106a, DH Mah.)
5. A person harvested his wheat and ground his flour on Shabbos when he did not realize it was Shabbos, and he later did the same realizing it was Shabbos but forgetting that these Melachos are forbidden. If he realizes that he transgressed on both occasions only after both incidents, he is liable for only one Korban per Melachah (for a total of two Korbanos). In order to be liable for multiple Chata'os, one must become aware of his first transgression before he commits his second transgression. It is the "realization" of his transgression which makes the Chiyuv Korban take effect. In this case, since he did not realize he transgressed until the end, he is not Chayav a Korban for every act of Melachah that he did.

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