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1. There is an argument about how exactly Shmuel's sons sinned.
2. When men from the house of David ha'Melech would go out to war, they would give their wives a Get.
3. The Gemara explains that David ha'Melech had ample justification for arranging the death of Uriyah ha'Chiti.
4. There is a dispute about whether David ha'Melech accepted the Lashon ha'Ra of Tziva against Mefiboshes.
5. Rav views this acceptance of Lashon ha'Ra as a critical turning point in the fate of the kingdom of David ha'Melech and the Jewish people.


1. While the verse states, "And they turned after bribes," the Tana'im agree that they did not literally ask for bribes. Rebbi Yehudah says that their business connections led them to rule in favor of their colleagues. Rebbi Meir says that they merely used to ask for Ma'aser Rishon (as they were Leviyim), causing other Leviyim not to receive any.
2. This was done so that their wives would not be bound to do Yibum in case they died. They wrote a conditional Get (according to Rashi; Tosfos says it was a regular Get), saying that they are divorcing their wives now on condition that they end up dying in battle.
3. Uriyah had openly rebelled against the king by saying "My master Yoav," before he said, "the servants of my master (David ha'Melech)."
4. Rav: He did accept the Lashon ha'Ra, as implied by the simple explanation of the verses describing this incident. Shmuel: When he initially agreed with and ruled in favor of Tziva, he was saying only that if it was true, then he would punish Mefiboshes. He waited until he had strong circumstantial evidence that Tziva was right, and then he applied the ruling in practice.
5. Rav: When David ha'Melech accepted this Lashon ha'Ra, a heavenly voice called out saying that his kingdom would be divided (and only Yehudah and Binyamin would be ruled by his descendants). Had he not accepted the Lashon ha'Ra, his kingdom would have remained whole, Bnei Yisrael would not have served idols, and they would not have been exiled.

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