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1. The Gemara explains that righteous people were also killed during the destruction of the first Beis ha'Mikdash.
2. Rebbi Ami: There is no death or affliction without sin.
3. Beraisa: There are four people who died without sin.
4. Rebbi Yonasan: Whoever says that Reuven sinned with Bilhah is mistaken.
5. There is a dispute about whether Chofni, son of Eli, literally sinned with the married women who brought sacrifices.


1. They were punished because they did not protest the evil ways of the wicked. Even though their protests may not have changed the ways of the wicked, this was not clear to the righteous at the time. Therefore, they were punished along with the wicked.
2. This is as the verse states, "The soul that sins will die," and, "I will collect with a staff their sins, and with leprosy their sins."
3. They are: Binyamin (the son of Yakov Avinu), Amram (the father of Moshe Rabeinu), Yishai (the father of David ha'Melech), and Chilav (the son of David and Avigayil).
4. Rather, he merely moved the bed of his father out of Bilhah's tent into Leah's tent.
5. Everyone agrees that the verse indicates that Pinchas did not sin. Some say that Chofni also did not literally sin with them, while others say Chofni did sin, and Pinchas is considered to have sinned for not rebuking him.

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