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1. The Mishnah says that camels may not go out on Shabbos if their limbs are chained together.
2. Wool and linen that is only stitched together with a single stitch is not considered Kilayim.
3. It is forbidden for a donkey to go out with a bell around its neck, even if the clapper is plugged to prevent ringing.
4. A chicken may not go out with identifying strings or with its legs tied.
5. Whoever has the ability to successfully protest the sins of another and does not do so is himself punished for these sins.


1. The Gemara explains how they are chained, and this applies to other animals as well.
2. This is because the verse states, "wool and linen together." They are not considered held together through one stitch.
3. This is because it gives the impression that it is being taken to the market in order to sell it.
4. A cow may not go out with a cover over its udders to prevent Sheratzim from nursing from it.
5. The Gemara explains that this is why the Mishnah says that the cow of Rebbi Eliezer ben Azaryah went out with a strap between its horns against the will of the Chachamim. Even though it was his neighbor's cow, since he could have protested this behavior and did not it is as if it was his cow.

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