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1. It is forbidden to handle, on Shabbos, a candelabra made of different parts.
2. The Gemara relates that many Amora'im carried candelabras on Shabbos after the candle was no longer lit.
3. There is a dispute about handling a candelabra that was lit with kerosene.
4. Rav Avya explains why Rebbi Shimon permits carrying a candelabra that contains kerosene.
5. One is allowed to annul his wife's vows on Shabbos. One is allowed to ask a Chacham to permit a vow on Shabbos if it is for the need of Shabbos.


1. This is because it might fall and break, and the person will fix the candelabra, which is forbidden to do on Shabbos. Even if a candelabra only appears to be made of pieces but is actually one solid piece, it is forbidden to carry it on Shabbos.
2. Even though the Gemara earlier (45a) teaches that we rule like Rebbi Shimon's view with regard to candelabras only in a pressing situation, the Gemara relates that there were many Amora'im who acted in accordance with his ruling.
3. Rav Yehudah: Rebbi Shimon permits handling only a candelabra that held oil, not one that held kerosene, since such a candelabra is disgusting and unfit to be used. Rabah and Rav Yosef: Rebbi Shimon permits even using a candelabra filled with kerosene.
4. Since it can be used to cover another vessel and it is considered a vessel itself (as opposed to an object like a rock), it is permitted to be handled for this purpose on Shabbos.
5. The vow did not already make the item Muktzah for the following reason. A woman makes a vow with intent that she will do whatever her husband wants. Accordingly, since her husband showed that he did not want her to prohibit this object on herself, she never set aside the object with this vow to cause it to be Muktzah.

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