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1. Rav Yosef explains why Rav Chisda prohibited placing a vessel under a hen on Shabbos in order to catch an egg that she will lay.
2. The Gemara discusses exceptions to the rule of Rav Yosef, and why they are exceptions.
3. Similarly, a person may have a vessel catch sparks coming from a fire, or catch water that is leaking.
4. The Gemara discusses how to protect a human corpse from rotting outside on a hot Shabbos.
5. It is forbidden to move Muktzah in a backhanded manner (as opposed to a totally abnormal manner, which is permitted).


1. This is because he is "Mevatel Kli me'Heichano" -- he causes a vessel to be unfit to be moved on Shabbos by having Muktzah in it.
2. For example, one is allowed to place a second vessel under a vessel of untithed produce that broke in order to catch what is spilling. The untithed produce is not considered Muktzah in this regard because it is possible to use untithed produce on Shabbos by separating the appropriate tithes, despite the fact that one is prohibited to do so.
3. This is because sparks from a fire are not considered to be significant enough to forbid moving the vessel, and water that is fit to drink may be used after it is collected from the leak.
4. Since a corpse is Muktzah, one may not carry things specifically for the purpose of the body. Rather, two people should sit next to the body, bring beds to sit on and a sheet to shade themselves, and then leave in a manner such that the sheet remains and shades the dead body. (See Gemara at length.)
5. However, one opinion permits moving a body away from a fire in a backhanded manner, because if that would not be permitted, a person might end up extinguishing the fire out of fear that the body of his loved one will be burned.

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