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1. Any salty food that was in hot water before Shabbos may be placed in hot water on Shabbos.
2. Everyone agrees that one may cook food in the sun on Shabbos, but one may not cook in or on something heated by fire.
3. Rebbi Yosi understands that the hot springs of Teverya are hot because they flow past the doorway to Gehinom.
4. There is a dispute about what kind of water may be heated on Yom Tov for the purpose of washing one's feet.
5. Whenever two Tana'im argue and a third offers a compromise, we follow the compromise opinion.


1. If it was not in hot water before Shabbos, it may be washed with hot water on Shabbos but not soaked in hot water on Shabbos, as this makes it into a food. There are some salty fish that are an exception to this rule.
2. There is a dispute about cooking on something that was heated by the sun. Tana Kama: It is forbidden. Rebbi Yosi: It is permitted.
3. Accordingly, Rebbi Yosi maintains that the hot springs of Teverya are considered to be heated by fire, not by the sun.
4. Beis Shamai: The water must be fit to drink. Beis Hillel: It is permitted even if the water is not fit to drink.
5. The Gemara quotes an exception to this rule. Part of the reason why that case is an exception is because the mediator was a student of one of those who argued.

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