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1. If a person throws an object and it lands in the hand of his friend (in a manner of forbidden carrying), he is liable.
2. The Gemara is unsure about the law in the case of a person who throws an object in the air and then races to catch it.
3. Rava discusses whether an item that is put into water is considered to have come to rest.
4. If a person is organizing his house and forgets that he picked something up and ends up carrying it into the public domain, he is exempt.
5. There is a dispute about carrying from a private domain to a public domain through a Karmelis.


1. This is because a person's hand is considered a place of significance for an object coming to rest, even if the person whose hand it is did not purposely catch the item (i.e. it merely fell into his open hand).
2. If he does so in a manner of forbidden carrying on Shabbos (i.e. he carries it four Amos in the public domain), one would think that he is liable since he did uproot the object and cause it to come to rest. However, it is possible that this is similar to an action done by two different people, in which case each is exempt. Therefore, the Gemara is inconclusive ("Teiku").
3. Rava says that if a person puts water that he is carrying into other water, this is considered making it come to rest. If he puts a nut he is carrying into water, it is not considered making it come to rest, since water is not a normal place to put a nut (see Tosfos).
4. The uprooting of an object that is required to make one liable for carrying on Shabbos occurs only when the person took the object in order to carry it to a forbidden place. If he merely picked something up because he was organizing his house and had no intent to carry it into the public domain when he originally took it, he is exempt if he accidentally carries into the public domain.
5. The Chachamim: One is liable in such a case, because the act of uprooting was done in a private domain and the act of laying to rest was done in the public domain. Ben Azai: One is exempt, because walking is considered coming to rest. Therefore, the carrying that started in the private domain finished in the Karmelis. One is not liable for carrying into a Karmelis, or for carrying from a Karmelis to a public domain, although both are forbidden mid'Rabanan.

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