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There is a dispute about whether the two bears that miraculously appeared to kill 42 sinners came from a forest that also appeared miraculously. (1)
A person should always learn Torah and perform Mitzvos, even when he has ulterior motives. (2)
People are generally very fond of three things. (3)
The Mishnah discusses what is done with an Eglah Arufah if the killer is found. (4)
If the killer is found, he must stand trial like any other killer, even though an Eglah Arufah was killed. (5)


1. One opinion is that only the bears appeared miraculously, but the forest had been there previously. The second opinion is that a forest appeared miraculously, and the bears appeared miraculously out of the forest to punish the sinners (who mocked the prophet Elisha).
2. Even Bil'am, who brought 42 sacrifices to Hashem in order to appease Him to curse Bnei Yisrael, received reward for bringing 42 sacrifices. His reward was that Ruth, the great- grandmother of David and Shlomo, descended from him.
3. People who dwell in a certain city are fond of their hometown, a wife is fond of her husband, and one is fond of whatever he purchases.
4. If it has not yet been killed, it should be left to go out to pasture. This Mishnah understands that it is permitted to be used like any other animal (unlike the Tana'im in Kerisus 25a who say it becomes forbidden).
5. This is because the verse states, "And the land will not be atoned unless it receives the blood of the killer."


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