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On the same day that Klal Yisrael crossed the Yarden they traveled over 60 Mil until Har Gerizim and Har Eival and not one of the nations were able to stand up to them.
Klal Yisrael was intended to go up to Eretz Yisrael in miraculous fashion at the time of Ezra, but their sins held them back.(1)
Klal Yisrael brought stones from the Yarden built a Mizbe'ach coated it with lime and wrote the Torah on it in 70 languages.
They brought Olos and Shelamim on the Mizbe'ach and they ate and drank and were merry.
They recited the Berachos and Kelalos and they took apart the Mizbe'ach and brought the stones with them to Gilgal.
Reish Lakish says that the Tzir'ah did not cross the Yarden but it shot poison at the Kena'anim from the banks of the Yarden and blinded and castrated them.
Rebbi Papa says that the Tzir'ah at the time of Moshe did not cross the Yarden; but the Tzir'ah at the time of Yehoshua did cross the Yarden.
Six Shevatim were engraved on one of the stones of the Efod and six Shevatim on the other stone. (2)
The Tana Kama says that the Shevatim were engraved in order of birth, with the exception of Yehudah who was engraved first.
Rebbi Chanina Ben Gamliel says that the Bnei Leah were engraved on one stone and the other Shevatim were engraved on the other stone. (3)
The Shevatim on Har Gerizim outnumbered the Shevatim on Har Eival, even though Shevet Levi was on the bottom, because Shevet Yosef was very numerous.
Ayin ha'Ra has no effect on Shevet Yosef.
Yosef sanctified the name of Heaven privately and merited that a letter from the Name of Hashem was added to his name.
Yehudah sanctified the name of Hashem publicly and his entire name is based on the Name of Hashem.
It is a Machlokes Amora'im whether Yosef entered the house to do work or to do an Aveirah.
The image of Yakov appeared to Yosef and said that the Shevatim will be engraved on the stones of the Efod. Do you want to have your name erased?
Twelve Shevatim were intended to descend from Yosef but because Shichvas Zera was expelled of his ten fingers ten of the children descended from Binyamin. (4)
When Pharaoh wanted to appoint Yosef as king Gavriel taught Yosef 70 languages.
Yosef swore to Pharaoh that he would not reveal that he did not know Lashon ha'Kodesh. (5)


1. As a result of their sins they were only able to go up to Eretz Yisrael with permission from the King of Pras.
2. There were 25 letters engraved on each one of the stones.
3. Binyamin was engraved first on the second stone, followed by the Bnei Shifchos, followed by Yosef.
4. The ten children that descended from Binyamin were named after the occurrences of Yosef.
5. When Pharaoh asked Yosef to be Sho'el on his Shevu'ah that he would bury Yakov in Eretz Yisrael Yosef responded that if so I will be Sho'el also on the Shevu'ah I swore to you that I will not reveal that you do not know Lashon ha'Kodesh.


Yosef sanctified the name of Heaven privately and merited that a letter from the Name of Hashem was added to his name. The Maharsha asks why is it regarded as a sanctification of the name of Hashem. The Gemara says that Yosef originally intended to commit an Aveirah! The Maharsha answers that it was a sanctification of the Name of Hashem for that very reason. If it were not for the fact that his original intention was for the Aveirah, I may have thought that Yosef held back from committing the Aveirah out of fear of his master, not out of fear of Hashem. However once Chazal teach us that Yosef originally intended to do the Aveirah it is evident that he did not fear his master and in that case he must have withheld from the Aveirah out of fear of Hashem.


The names of the Shevatim were engraved on the two stones of the Efod, six on one stone and six on the other, in the order of their birth. The name Yosef is written Yehosef and therefore it turns out that there are 25 letters on each stone. (Rambam Hilchos Klei ha'Mikdash 9:9)

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