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The Meraglim intended from the beginning to speak ill of Eretz Yisrael.
Any Lashon ha'Ra that does not start off with some truth will not have the desired effect.
The people did not allow Yehoshua the chance to rebuff the Meraglim because he did not have sons.
Kalev was allowed to talk because he gave them the impression that he intended to criticize Moshe Rabeinu.
The Meraglim insinuated that even the Ba'al ha'Bayis cannot take his utensils from there.
Everywhere the Meraglim went one of the Chashuvim died so that the Meraglim will not be noticed but the Meraglim took it instead as a bad thing. (1)
The Meraglim went up on the trees and heard the people say that there were grasshoppers in the trees that look like people.
When the people cried over the report of the Meraglim it was Erev Tishah b'Av. Hashem Yisbarach said they are crying for nothing I will make it a day for crying.
The Meraglim died a terrible death. (2)
The Aron carried the Kohanim from one side of the Yarden to the other.
According to one opinion Uza died for the mistake of reaching out his hand to try steadying the Aron. (3)
The death of Uza was a punishment to David ha'Melech for calling the words of Torah Zemiros.
According to one opinion the residents of Beis Shemesh were punished for bowing down to the Aron while harvesting grain. (4)
When the Aron was brought to the City of David they Shechted a Shor and Meri every six steps. (5)
Stones were placed by Moshe Rabeinu in Eretz Moav, and by Yehoshua Bin Nun in the Yarden and in Gilgal.
Rebbi Yehudah says that Klal Yisrael wrote the Torah on the stones and then coated it with lime.
Rebbi Yehudah says that the nations of the world sent scribes who peeled off the lime and copied the Torah. (6)
Rebbi Shimon says that Klal Yisrael wrote the Torah on top of the lime.
Rebbi Shimon says that if the Kena'anim who live in Chutz la'Aretz do Teshuvah we accept them and we do not have to kill them.
It is permitted to take a Yefas To'ar for a wife from the Kena'anim who live in Chutz la'Aretz according to Rebbi Shimon.


1. According to some opinions Iyov died and everyone was busy with his Hesped.
2. According to one opinion worms went from their tongues to their belly buttons and from their belly buttons into their tongues and according to another opinion they died a choking death.
3. Hashem Yisbarach said the Aron carries its carriers certainly it can carry itself. According to a second opinion Uza died because he relieved himself in front of the Aron.
4. According to a second opinion they were punished for speaking disrespectfully to the Aron. They said who angered you when you allowed yourself to be captured and who appeased you when you came back.
5. Every thirty six steps they Shechted seven Parim and seven Eilim.
6. For this reason the final decree of the nations was sealed for Be'er Shachas because they should have learned from the Torah but they did not.


Everywhere the Meraglim went one of the Chashuvim died so that the Meraglim will not be noticed, but the Meraglim took it instead as a bad thing. The Kli Yakar asks why were the Meraglim were at fault for saying that the land consumes the inhabitants. They were simply stating what they saw. How should they have known that Hashem Yisbarach was doing it for their gown good? The Kli Yakar answers that they should have at least attributed the deaths to the sins of the inhabitants given that the deeds of the people of Kena'an were very bad. Not only did they not attribute the deaths to their misdeeds, but they even said that the people were Anshei Midos which implies that they were Tzadikim.


When the Leviyim bring the Aron from place to place they may not bring it on an animal or a wagon; rather the Mitzvah is to carry it on their shoulders. Because David ha'Melech forgot and carried it on a wagon a tragedy befell Uza. (Rambam Hilchos Klei ha'Mikdash 2:12)

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