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SOTAH 29 (19 Sivan) - Dedicated in memory of Shlomo Aumann (son of Professor Yisrael Aumann of Yerushalayim), Talmudic Scholar and man of the world, killed in action in Lebanon on the eve of the 19th of Sivan, 5742.


A Sotah is prohibited to Kehunah and she may not eat Terumah.
A Safek Tum'ah in Reshus ha'Yachid is Tamei if the object of the Safek has Da'as. (1)
If the Nitma has Da'as even if the Metamei does not have Da'as a Safek Tum'ah in Reshus ha'Yachid is Tamei.
A Tvul Yom may eat Chulin but if he touches Terumah he makes it Pasul.
A Sheni makes a Shlishi for Terumah.
Food can never become an Av ha'Tum'ah. (2)
An earthenware utensil cannot become an Av ha'Tum'ah.
An earthenware utensil is Mitamei from the interior.
A Shlishi makes a Revi'i b'Kodesh.
A Mechusar Kipurim is permitted to eat Terumah but if he touches Kodesh it is Pasul.
A Shlishi is Pasul for Kodesh from the Torah.
A Shlishi makes Kodesh into a Revi'i from a Kal va'Chomer.
Abba Shaul says that a Tvul Yom is Metamei Kodesh and makes it into a Sheni. (3)
Rebbi Meir says that a Tvul Yom is Metamei Terumah and Kodesh and makes it into a Shlishi. (4)
The Chachamim say that a Tvul Yom makes Terumah and Kodesh Pasul, but not Tamei. (5)


1. If the object of the Safek does not have Da'as, a Safek Tum'ah is Tahor even in Reshus ha'Yachid.
2. Even if it comes into contact with a Mes it will not be an Av ha'Tum'ah.
3. The Kodesh is Metamei Terumah and Kodesh upon contact, and the Terumah or Kodesh in turn makes Kodesh Pasul upon contact.
4. The Kodesh will make other Kodesh Pasul upon contact, but it would have no affect on Terumah.
5. The Kodesh will have no affect on Terumah or Kodesh that it comes into contact with.


The Gemara says that regarding a Sotah both the Noge'a and the Magi'a have Da'as. The Rambam holds that a Ketanah who is a Sotah is forbidden to her husband even though she does not drink the Mei Sotah. The Ketzos asks why the Din of Sotah applies to a Ketanah. A Ketanah does not have Da'as! The Ketzos answers that just as the Gemara concludes that Da'as Magi'a is not necessary as long as we have Da'as Noge'a, the reverse is true as well. If there is Da'as Magi'a even if there is no Da'as Noge'a the Din of Sotah will apply. Therefore even if the Sotah is a Ketanah and there is no Da'as Noge'a, as long as the Bo'el is a Gadol so that we have Da'as Magi'a the Din of Sotah will apply.


A Rishon and Sheni for Terumah is Tamei and is Metamei and a Shlishi is Pasul and is not Metamei. A Shlishi cannot make Terumah into a Revi'i. A Tvul Yom is prohibited from eating Terumah until he undergoes He'erev Shemesh and if he touches Terumah it is Pasul. A Tvul Yom is like a Sheni and therefore we learn from here that a Sheni makes Terumah into a Shlishi. (Rambam Hilchos Avos ha'Tum'ah 11:3)

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