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Any congregation that flatters is repugnant like a Nidah.
Any congregation that flatters will eventually be exiled.
Four groups will not receive the Shechinah: scoffers, flatterers, liars and slanderers.
The Mashu'ach Milchamah speaks to the people in Lashon ha'Kodesh.
The Mashu'ach Milchamah instructs the people that they are fighting enemies who will not have mercy on them if they fall into their hands.
The Mashu'ach Milchamah exhorts the people not to fear the trampling of the horses, shiny swords, clapping swords, crowd of soldiers, the sound of the horns and the grunting.
The Sgan is appointed in order to replace the Kohen Gadol if he becomes Tamei.
Hashem Yisbarach says to Klal Yisrael that even if they have no merit other than reciting Kri'as Shema morning and evening they will not be put in the hands of their enemies.
The Mashu'ach Milchamah speaks twice; once at the border and once at battle.
At the border the Mashu'ach Milchamah instructs the people regarding who should turn back from the war and who should stay and fight. (1)
Golyas stood with Chutzpa in front of Hashem.
Golyas approached morning and evening in order to be Mevatel them from Kri'as Shema morning and evening.
Golyas managed to stand for forty days because that was the length of time that Matan Torah was delayed until it was given to Moshe Rabeinu.
Orpah was rewarded for the four tears that she cried for her mother-in-law with four Giborim who descended from her.
It is forbidden to discuss the praises of a Rasha.
Rebbi Ami and Rebbi Asi dispute whether a person shall discuss his concerns with others or try to push it out of his mind.


1. At the battle he exhorts the people not to be afraid of the enemy.
2. Anyone who built a house, planted a vineyard or betrothed a woman turns back.


Rebbi Shimon Ben Yochai says that Hashem Yisbarach says to Klal Yisrael that even if the only merit that we have is Kri'as Shema in the morning and evening that is enough to save us from the enemy. The Maharitz Chiyus says that Rebbi Shimon Ben Yochai is of the opinion that someone who recites Kri'as Shema morning and night has fulfilled the Mitzvah of 'this Torah shall not be removed from your mouth'. Since reciting Kri'as Shema is regarded as Limud ha'Torah the merit of Torah protects and saves us. For that reason Golyas approached morning and evening in order to be Mevatel us from Kri'as Shema and take away this merit.


Both for a Milchemes Mitzvah and a Milchemes Reshus a Kohen is appointed to speak to the people at a time of war. He is anointed with the Shemen ha'Mishchah and is called a Mashu'ach Milchamah. (Rambam Hilchos Melachim 7:1)
Although it is possible that a Mashu'ach is needed for a Milchemes Mitzvah in order to exhort the people not to be afraid, however no one is excused from a Milchemes Mitzvah. (Ra'avad)

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