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SOTAH 33 (16 Kislev) - Today's Daf has been dedicated in honor of the Yahrzeit of Reb Moshe ben Eliyahu Feinberg by his daughter Libi.


Tefilah may be recited in any language because it is Rachamim.
The angels are not familiar with Lashon Aramis.
If someone Davens without a Minyan he shall not recite Shemoneh Esreh in Lashon Aramis. (1)
A Bas Kol can be in any language.
The angel Gavriel taught Yosef 70 languages.
Birchas ha'Mazon may be recited in any language
Shevu'as ha'Edus and Shevu'as ha'Pikadon may be said in any language.
Mikra Bikurim, Berachos and Kelalos and Chalitzah must be recited in Lashon ha'Kodesh.
Anything that is an act is crucial for the Chalitzah. (2)
It is a Machlokes Tana'im whether the Har Gerizim and Har Eival were close to the Yarden or far away.
We learn out from a Gezeirah Shaveh that Eilonei Mamrei is Shechem.
When Klal Yisrael traveled the Aron traveled after two Degalim, but when they crossed the Yarden the Aron traveled in front.
The Leviyim always carried the Aron with three exceptions; during the crossing of the Yarden, the encircling of the Yericho and when the Aron was returned to its place. (3)


1. Because the Mal'achim do not understand Aramis.
2. Such as taking off the shoe and the spitting, if she fails to do one of these things it is not a valid Chalitzah.
3. The Kohanim carried the Aron on these three occasions.


The Leviyim carried the Aron except for three times when it was carried by the Kohanim, during the crossing of the Yarden, the encircling of the Yericho and when the Aron was returned to its place. Rashi explains that when Shlomo ha'Melech brought the Aron into the Kodesh Kodshim it was being returned to the Kodesh Kodshim for the first time since it was taken from Mishkan Shilo at the time of Eli when they went to war with the Pelishtim. Rebbi Akiva Eiger asks that the Kohanim carried the Aron on a fourth occasion when the Aron was brought back to the Kodesh Kodshim when David returned after running away from Avshalom. Rebbi Akiva Eiger answers that this occasion is included in the Aron being returned to its place and therefore it is not counted separately.


A person may Daven in any language that he chooses if he is Davening with a quorum. However if he Davening individually he shall only Daven in Lashon ha'Kodesh. According to some opinions this only applies when he is requesting something he needs, for example one of his family members is ill or if he is undergoing some other distress, but a regular Tefilah may be Davened in any language even individually. Others say however that even an individual may Daven in any language other than Lashon Aramis. (Shulchan Aruch OC 101:4)

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