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A Sheni of Chulin is Tamei.
Rebbi Meir, Rebbi Yosi, Rebbi Yehoshua, Rebbi Elazar and Rebbi Eliezer hold that a Sheni cannot make Chulin a Shlishi.
Rebbi Meir says that anyone who requires Tevilah mid'Rabanan is Metamei Kodesh and is Posel Terumah. (1)
Rebbi Eliezer says that someone who eats a Rishon becomes a Rishon and if he eats a Sheni he becomes a Sheni.
Rebbi Yehoshua says that if a person eats a Rishon or a Sheni he becomes a Sheni and if he eats a Shlishi he becomes a Sheni l'Kodesh but not for Terumah. (2)
Rebbi Elazar says that a Rishon of Chulin, Terumah and Kodesh share the same status. (3)
Rebbi Eliezer says that Chalah may be separated from dough that is Tahor for dough that is Temei'ah, but the Chachamim argue.
According to Rebbi Eliezer when separating Chalah Tehorah for dough that is Tamei, some dough must be placed as a bridge between the dough that is Tamei and the dough that is Tahor. (4)
It is questionable whether dough that Chalah has not yet been separated from maintains the status of Chulin or of Chalah regarding Tum'ah.
It is questionable whether it is permitted to convey Tum'ah to Chulin in Eretz Yisrael.
Rebbi Akiva holds Techumim are Min ha'Torah and Rebbi Elazar holds that they are mid'Rabanan.
Rebbi Akiva says that Klal Yisrael responded to the Shirah of Moshe with the Roshei Perakim just as one responds to a Gadol who is reciting the Hallel. (5)
Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili says that Klal Yisrael responded to the Shirah of Moshe verse by verse just as one responds to a Katan who is reciting the Hallel. (6)
Rebbi Nechemyah says that Klal Yisrael sang the Shiras ha'Yam along with Moshe, however Moshe started first and Klal Yisrael followed after him. (7)
Rebbi Meir says that even fetuses in their mother's stomach sang the Shiras ha'Yam.


1. According to Rebbi Meir he is permitted to eat Chulin and Ma'aser, but the Chachamim hold that he may not eat Ma'aser.
2. Chulin can become a Shlishi if it is eaten Al Taharas Terumah and if he eats a Shlishi and he comes into contact with Kodesh it becomes a Shlishi.
3. They are Metamei two and Posel one of Kodesh and Metamei one and Posel one of Terumah and Posel one of Chulin.
4. Some say that dough less than the size of an egg is used as a bridge because the size of an egg conveys Tum'ah, while others hold that dough the size of an egg is placed between them.
5. When a Gadol is Motzi the congregation with Hallel the congregation responds with the Roshei Perakim.
6. If a Katan is reciting the Hallel to the congregation everyone must respond verse by verse because a Katan cannot be Motzi the Tzibur.
7. Just as a Sofer who recites the blessings of the Keri'as Shema for the Tzibur starts first and subsequently the entire Tzibur recites the blessings together.


Rebbi Akiva holds Techumim are Min ha'Torah and Rebbi Elazar holds that they are mid'Rabanan. The Rambam in his commentary on Mishnayos says that even according to Rebbi Elazar Techumim are mid'Oraisa, however the Torah did not give a Shi'ur for the Techum and the Rabanan decreed that the Shi'ur is 2000 Amos.


Each person may walk 2000 Amos in any direction besides his four Amos or besides the [enclosure] that he was residing in at the time of the commencement of Shabbos. (Shulchan Aruch OC 397:1)
This is a Rabbinic ordinance because Min ha'Torah a person may walk 12 Mil which was the size of the Machaneh Yisrael in the Midbar. Many Poskim hold however that Min ha'Torah a person can walk even more than 12 Mil and the prohibition of Techumim is strictly mid'Rabanan. (Mishnah Berurah)

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