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Avshalom did not have a son that was fit for Malchus.
Good deeds are also rewarded with Midah Keneged Midah. (1)
The Midah Tovah is rewarded much greater than the punishment of a Midah Ra'ah. (2)
It is a Machlokes whether a new King was appointed for Mitzrayim or it was a new decree from the same King.
Pharaoh was the first to advise enslaving Yisrael and therefore he was struck by the Makos first.
The Egyptians chose to punish Klal Yisrael in water because Hashem Yisbarach swore not to bring another Mabul on the world. (3)
Pharaoh consulted with Bilam, Iyov and Yisro.
Bilam advised Pharaoh to enslave Klal Yisrael, Iyov was silent and Yisro ran away. (4)
A brick form was hung around the neck of Pharaoh. (5)
The men were forced to do the work of women in Mitzrayim and the women were forced to do the work of men.
Klal Yisrael was redeemed from Mitzrayim as a reward for the women Tzidkaniyos of that generation. (6)
When the women in Mitzrayim were ready to give birth they went out to the field and gave birth under the apple trees. (7)
It is a Machlokes if the midwives in Mitzrayim were Yocheved and Miryam or Yocheved and Elisheva.
Not only did the midwives not heed the dictates of Pharaoh to kill the children, but they also provided them with sustenance.


1. Miryam was rewarded with Midah Keneged Midah for the Mitzvah of waiting for her brother.
2. Klal Yisrael waited for Miryam for a much longer time than she waited for her brother.
3. They did not realize that Hashem Yisbarach would not bring a Mabul on the entire world, but he would bring a Mabul on one nation. Alternatively, although Hashem would not bring a Mabul on Mitzrayim however they would fall into the water themselves.
4. Bilam was killed as a punishment, Iyov was punished with afflictions and Yisro was rewarded that his descendants sat in the Lishkas ha'Gazis.
5. Anyone who claimed to be too sensitive to engage in hard work was asked, "Are you more sensitive than Pharaoh?"
6. When they went to draw water Hashem Yisbarach arranged that they drew half water and half fish and they heated up two pots, one of water and one of fish. They went to their husbands out in the field and washed them and anointed them and gave them to eat and drink and they had relations in the channel between the borders of the fields and conceived children.
7. The children were raised miraculously from Heaven and when the Egyptians tried to kill them they were swallowed up into the ground and they later popped up from the ground.


The Pasuk says that a new king arose for Mitzrayim. It is a Machlokes whether a new king was appointed for Mitzrayim, or it was a new decree from the same king. The Gur Aryeh says that it was certainly not the same Pharaoh who was king at the time of Yosef because Hashem Yisbarach would not give such longevity to a Rasha. Everybody agrees that it was a new king that was appointed and the Machlokes is centered on whether the king was from the same family of the previous king, or if he was from a different family. The opinion that it was the same king holds that it was a descendant of the Pharaoh who was king at the time of Yosef, while the other opinion holds that it was a new king from a different family and he was not a descendant of the Pharaoh from the time of Yosef.


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